lena (elena_ilmen) wrote,

stole from caseys journal

name: Lindsey

age: 14

residence: arlington, tx

10 bands you've been listening to lately:
x. coldplay
x. dead poetic
x. abandoned pools
x. lacuna coil
x. radiohead
x. dashboard confessionals
x. the cranberries
x. garbage
x. janes addiction
x. third eye blind

9 places you have gone in the past 3 days:
x. ashleys
x. my room
x. my kitchen
x. school
x. nizza pizza
x. my living room
x. my back porch
x. my bathroom
x. my dads truck

8 people who mean a lot to you:
x. lauren
x. lynsi
x. ashley
x. my dog
x. sara
x. steve

7 bands you have seen live:
x. no doubt
x. the distillers
x. garbage
x. sum 41
x. puddle o' mud
x. some shitty dreamworld bands

6 out-of-town places you have been:
x. South Carolina
x. New York
x. New Jersey
x. North Carolina
x. California
x. Oklahoma

5 people you hate:
x. Lindsey McCullough
x. Rian Collier
x. Emily Webb
x. Avril Lavigne
x. You

4 movies you think i should see:
x. The Craft
x. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
x. All 5 Hellraisers
x. Underworld

3 things you'll never wear:
x. I really cant say.

2 things you do everyday
x. Sleep
x. Sing

1 thing you want to tell:
x. Die
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