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tee hee

I'm Back..

Everyone like my new layout? Well, you should, cause fear and loathing is the best fucking movie ever. =)

You wonder why i havent updated in a while? My intro-net has not been working, something wrong with the network, so yeah... thats why.

I went with my mom today to get my eyebrows waxed. Then i went to home depot to get paint samples for my room. I'm redoing it... 2 deep red walls, 2 creme walls, red comforter, leopard print pillows, leopard print curtains, leaopard print seat cushion for my chair, leopard print rug, sliver lamp with black feather lamp cover, and finally a place to put my billions of marilyn monroe parafanalia and portraits and such. SO, its going to be leopard/red/marilyn monroe/bettie page/etc. Im excited. The only thing we need to buy is a lamp, paint, and leopard print fabric, and my mom said we can work on it within the next month. Its going to be awesome. =p

anyways... i talked to my coach today about getting wrestling single blocked again, cause having it double is just too much. He said i could get it put in on A-days, which is AWESOME because i get to get back into my 7th period world geo. class with taylor!! Yay!! Next semester, baby! =p......... *droooool*

anyways! i feel sick and i had a nosebleed today. I havent had one of those in a longggggg time, i think im sick. I sat out in wrestling today cause i felt like shit and a half.. so yeah.. and i didnt go to afterschool practice. Ohwell.

i think im going to go put on makeup and take pictures or lay down and read or something. Later.

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