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tee hee.. this weekend has been interesting..

il start off with thursday..
i come home, get online, clean my room, and then go over to lynsi's. I get to lynsis, we eat and hang out for a while, then we go over to shanes house and meet up with cliff.. when we get to shanes, we hang out, and then decide to wrestle. It was fun.. lol.. but i hurt my already hurt knee.. and that wasnt too cool. After that, we went home, and started a collage, got tired, then went to bed. Friday morning, we cooked breakfast and cliff came over, and we ate and then watched resident evil. I love that movie.. After that he left, and we got ready, and we all went to the mall and were going to see school of rock, but it was too crowded, so we went to see this other movie, intolerable cruelty, but eh... we just decided to refund the tickets and get some food. I dont think cliff was too interested in seeing a movie anyways, he just wanted some booty, and that pissed me and lyns off. So we come home to my house and watch identity and interview with a vampire.. it was good. We wake up to my brother telling us my sister was coming at 3 o clock in the morning, so we wait for her, and she comes, and i get to see ty ty and sydney. =) We wake up the next morning, Saturday, and we watch Queen of the Damned, Ferngully and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.. We waited around cause we wanted to do something with candice and lisa and my mom, but they COMPLETELY blow us off and go to bingo leaving me and lynsi stranded at the house with nothing to do. I have such a considerate family.. Anyways... I woke up sunday morning, and lynsi was gone.. so i sat on the couch pretty much all day and did nothing. Oh, i ran to the mall and got my vampire fangs for my costume.. they are soooo cool... i wore them the rest of the day.. great fun. And today.. lets see... i got up, cleaned, made a new layout for my weedweb and livejournal, talked to lauren, cleaned my rooms, did laundry, and went to see school of rock. Thats an awesome movie... so funny. I love jack black. Anyways... im tired so im out.

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