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-+ in webmastering +-

right now im in webmastering, yay!
I didnt get to update yesterday, because i came home, read parts of interview with the vampire and then slept until 3 oclock in the morning. I was so tired, and i dont know why, it was really weird... so i had alot of sleep last night..

nothing really happened yesterday anyways.. i woke up, went to school, went to dhall, then went home. Thats it. Wow.

Right now we just had to finish a boring project for webmastering where we had to delete the background of an image, and put the picture on a different background.. Really easy stuff. I dont know what i am going to this weekend, everyone's doin stuff, but i really have no idea what im going to do. I know im gonna try to have a band practice tomorrow if cailee and lauren can come, but i dont think lauren can come cause shes going to Louisiana, and i think Cailee is grounded... if thats the case then that really sucks!! I hope cailee isnt grounded, atleast me, her, and sara can practice. I wish lauren didnt have to go out of town, then me and her and sara could practice over the 4 day weekend, owell..

I went to get a link from Mr. Otoole's 7th period world geo. class.. (the one i used to be in) to get a link, and i got all sad! I miss my 7th period world geo. class! It was fun, lots of cool people and stuff. but i joined wrestling, so i guess thats what i get..

speaking of wrestling, we are supposed to have another "house of pain" today, it sucks... im kinda sore from yesterday, what with running and mile and a half (six times around the football field) without stopping. Now i get to run more, and push ups and shit. Eventually i guess ill get used to it, but running up and down stairs nonstop for 10 minutes kind of gets tiring. x_x

today i have english! yay... greek mythology. =)
english is so easy..

man i am boring. x_x

im going to go... make a picture on fireworks.. ill post it when im done.

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