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wowie, i just got back from my grandma's house, i was seeing my other grandparents from south carolina...
they went to scotland for like a month and brought all these pictures and stuff back... its so fucking pretty! ive always wanted to live somewhere historic with lots of castles and forests and big green hills. They say its not expensive there, so when i become a world-renound elote Psychiatrist, and making assloads of money, im gonna buy land and scotland. I found out half of my family is in a scottish clan which rocks. But we arent scottish, so its kind of odd. Anyways...

a few people got offended by the "friends" list i made a few entries ago, so i edited that one and i dont think im going to do that anymore. I dont see why they had a problem, they really didnt know what the list was about, and anyways its my journal, and if i wanna bitch i can. If you dont like it, dont read my journal.

This friday my dad is hooking us up with some huge gray amp/pa system thingies for band practice. What sucks is that i thought they were my dads, but it turns out they belong for the company he works for. We will still get to use them as much as we need to, but it sucks knowing that they arent really ours. =/

i missed dhall today which probly means i have a day added. god damnit...

i saw underworld with ashley and laur last weekend, and i decided im going to be selene for halloween. if you dont know who that is, take a look at her..

wow, shes so hot.

im going to go shower, blow dry my hair, and such.

xoxoxox hugs and kisses and all that yummy stuff.

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