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wow, i have been bitching about people alot lately... owell, thats what journals are for?

how is everyone? im alright, exhausted from wrestling. Today we had "house of pain" which is basically INTENSE conditioning. It was exhausting, but atleast im getting muscles!

nothing really interesting happened today... i talked to cailee and she said she might be able to practice friday which is a very good thing.. =) i also talked to john, and he told me all the awesome shit he has that can make our band sound better! hooray! im so excited!

omg kix cereal is the fucking SHIT... ive eaten like 3 bowls. i also like the kix berries with the berries in it... they are good too ..

o man i want some chili cheese dip and fritos....

oh my god... im hungry

*runs to refridgerator*

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