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yay survey time

How much bre knows about the Lena

a painted girl x:lena
a smile fades: bre bre

a painted girl x: 1. birfdays?
a smile fades: july 31 and january 19
a painted girl x: 2. favorite colors
a smile fades: green, gray, and brown
a painted girl x: 3. favorite bands?
a smile fades: coldplay, garbage, and radiohead
a painted girl x: alright... 4. favorite song currently?
a smile fades: hands down
a smile fades: dashboard confessionals
a painted girl x: x_x
a painted girl x: 5. name of crush
a smile fades: taylor
a painted girl x: 6. zodiac sign that is my weakness
a smile fades: pisces
a painted girl x: 7. favorite color of hair on guys
a smile fades: blonde?
(wrong! brown)
a painted girl x: 8. i hate my ______ the most on my body
a smile fades: nose?
a painted girl x: 9. i want to dye my hair _______
a smile fades: red?
a painted girl x: 10. my favorite disney princess is?
a smile fades: aurora
a painted girl x: 11. my favorite disney movie is ?
a smile fades: cinderella
(wrong! alice in wonderland)
a painted girl x: 12. favorite number?
a smile fades: 8
a painted girl x: 13. lucky number
a smile fades: 8?
(wrong! 11)
a painted girl x: 14. favorite food?
a smile fades: sushi
(wrong! potpie)
a painted girl x: 15. favorite drink?
a smile fades: pepsi
a painted girl x: 16. what color are taylors eyes?
a smile fades: they are either brown or green
a painted girl x: 17. what color are my nails?
a smile fades: black
a painted girl x: 18. whats my favorite fast food place?
a smile fades: taco bell?
a painted girl x: 19. favorite school subject?
a smile fades: lunch?
a painted girl x: 20. ill always be waiting for...
a smile fades: taylor?
(nice try.... but no. the next word in the song is "you")

good to know friends know alot about me. =p

Fill this out, whoever gets the most right will get a deadjournal code, a livejournal code, or a livejournal... yay.. so do your research! Or you could just do it for sheer entertainment.. whatever, your choice.

1. full name
2. what color is the wall in my room?
3. what is my biggest fear?
4. what is my favorite restaurant?
5. what is my favorite season?
6. element i represent in my circle?
7. religion?
8. my bands name..
9. favorite author?
10. favorite book?
11. favorite movie?
12. how do i like my coffee?
13. favorite animal?
14. sexuality?
15. do i want to grow my hair out, or cut it short?
16. do i love you?
17. would i hug you?
18. would i go out with you?
19. what are my current font colors on aim? (sn: a painted girl x)
20. do i like myself?

(and as an opinion.. ill decide if its right or wrong depending on if i like your answer... or if it seems honest..)

21. what is your opinion on the way i act, or come off, or just what i mean to you?

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