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.: in webmastering :.

yooooo whats up.

im in webmastering! oh joy. I just finished some websites on herbs and such. Im really bored, and i dont want to go to science today. my head hurts... and my hair is really tight. i have nothing to say but im so bored, so i wanted to post an entry. Im going to talk to my wrestling coach today and see if he can get me into psychology next semester since i want to be a psychiatrist, or mental health diagnosis.. yeah... me helping other people.. hahahah...


i want to eat some food right now.. i wish i could skip my next two classes and go straight to lunch.. i really wish i didnt have to wrestle today, i feel like crap. I wish i could have stayed home.

I have some ideas for the band logo and such. Sara im'ed me and said each member of the band should get a journal especially for band stuff. I think that would be cool.. or maybe we could get a community journal and all post on one journal, under our different names or something.. i dont know. But i think our logo should look something like this


except like maybe switched, and a little more detailed, and a circle around the star. Ill make a sketch and scan it in or whatever. But they sell necklaces at six flags that look like that, and maybe each member could get one or something. Yeahhh...

anyone want to go to fright fest with me this weekend or something? I want to wear my catsuit, but i dont know how comfortable i would be and it makes alotta noise when i walk. =/ Any suggestions?

Well i gotta go, bells gonna ring.


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