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Sunday, November 9th, 2003

Subject:stole from caseys journal
Time:5:41 pm.
name: Lindsey

age: 14

residence: arlington, tx

10 bands you've been listening to lately:
x. coldplay
x. dead poetic
x. abandoned pools
x. lacuna coil
x. radiohead
x. dashboard confessionals
x. the cranberries
x. garbage
x. janes addiction
x. third eye blind

9 places you have gone in the past 3 days:
x. ashleys
x. my room
x. my kitchen
x. school
x. nizza pizza
x. my living room
x. my back porch
x. my bathroom
x. my dads truck

8 people who mean a lot to you:
x. lauren
x. lynsi
x. ashley
x. my dog
x. sara
x. steve

7 bands you have seen live:
x. no doubt
x. the distillers
x. garbage
x. sum 41
x. puddle o' mud
x. some shitty dreamworld bands

6 out-of-town places you have been:
x. South Carolina
x. New York
x. New Jersey
x. North Carolina
x. California
x. Oklahoma

5 people you hate:
x. Lindsey McCullough
x. Rian Collier
x. Emily Webb
x. Avril Lavigne
x. You

4 movies you think i should see:
x. The Craft
x. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
x. All 5 Hellraisers
x. Underworld

3 things you'll never wear:
x. I really cant say.

2 things you do everyday
x. Sleep
x. Sing

1 thing you want to tell:
x. Die
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Tuesday, October 28th, 2003

Time:8:57 pm.

And If I could teach the world to be..
I'd teach them all to be something just like me.
Frustrated, bitter, depressing.

Perfect - As if my wings were like yours
But I'm falling down.

And if you could hold your tongue long enough..
You'd see that all I am is love, but I don't like me.
I despise me.
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Subject:yay survey time
Time:7:17 pm.
Mood: amused.
How much bre knows about the Lena

a painted girl x:lena
a smile fades: bre bre

a painted girl x: 1. birfdays?
a smile fades: july 31 and january 19
a painted girl x: 2. favorite colors
a smile fades: green, gray, and brown
a painted girl x: 3. favorite bands?
a smile fades: coldplay, garbage, and radiohead
a painted girl x: alright... 4. favorite song currently?
a smile fades: hands down
a smile fades: dashboard confessionals
a painted girl x: x_x
a painted girl x: 5. name of crush
a smile fades: taylor
a painted girl x: 6. zodiac sign that is my weakness
a smile fades: pisces
a painted girl x: 7. favorite color of hair on guys
a smile fades: blonde?
(wrong! brown)
a painted girl x: 8. i hate my ______ the most on my body
a smile fades: nose?
a painted girl x: 9. i want to dye my hair _______
a smile fades: red?
a painted girl x: 10. my favorite disney princess is?
a smile fades: aurora
a painted girl x: 11. my favorite disney movie is ?
a smile fades: cinderella
(wrong! alice in wonderland)
a painted girl x: 12. favorite number?
a smile fades: 8
a painted girl x: 13. lucky number
a smile fades: 8?
(wrong! 11)
a painted girl x: 14. favorite food?
a smile fades: sushi
(wrong! potpie)
a painted girl x: 15. favorite drink?
a smile fades: pepsi
a painted girl x: 16. what color are taylors eyes?
a smile fades: they are either brown or green
a painted girl x: 17. what color are my nails?
a smile fades: black
a painted girl x: 18. whats my favorite fast food place?
a smile fades: taco bell?
a painted girl x: 19. favorite school subject?
a smile fades: lunch?
a painted girl x: 20. ill always be waiting for...
a smile fades: taylor?
(nice try.... but no. the next word in the song is "you")

good to know friends know alot about me. =p

Fill this out, whoever gets the most right will get a deadjournal code, a livejournal code, or a livejournal... yay.. so do your research! Or you could just do it for sheer entertainment.. whatever, your choice.

1. full name
2. what color is the wall in my room?
3. what is my biggest fear?
4. what is my favorite restaurant?
5. what is my favorite season?
6. element i represent in my circle?
7. religion?
8. my bands name..
9. favorite author?
10. favorite book?
11. favorite movie?
12. how do i like my coffee?
13. favorite animal?
14. sexuality?
15. do i want to grow my hair out, or cut it short?
16. do i love you?
17. would i hug you?
18. would i go out with you?
19. what are my current font colors on aim? (sn: a painted girl x)
20. do i like myself?

(and as an opinion.. ill decide if its right or wrong depending on if i like your answer... or if it seems honest..)

21. what is your opinion on the way i act, or come off, or just what i mean to you?

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Time:1:45 pm.
i stayed home sick today with fever from last night and such. atleast i didnt have to have a B day today...

my head hurts so bad, and my body aches and i want to go lay down and sleep forever, for lack of something better to do.

Casey just imed me and told me he got arrested for possesion of marijuana and a pipe at school... i dont pity him.. why the hell would you bring a fucking pipe with marijuana in it to school in your pockets?

anyways.. im so terribly bored, i think im going to go outside and read or draw or paint or something.. i hate feeling like im wasting a day away..

i want to have lauren and jamie and lynsi over for halloween.. that would be awesome. im talking to my mom about letting them stay the night.. if you dont know who jamie is, its a girl who is new to our school from weatherford. Shes really cool, and has no friends, and so being me, i took her in and now shes my lil buddy. Shes a taurus, but shes definitely a fire, and she has adorable clothes. =p yay.

im getting really tired of those fucking rating communities. I know i used to have one and i regret it. They are so shallow and superficial and its sickening. Ehh..

i want some food really bad. Like real food, not junk food. I would kill for some fucking manicotti or something right now..

i had a dream that me and lauren were going through this funhouse type thing.. and everytime we would get into a room, and go in the closet or a door or something, the room would just change, and it was like a maze, we had to find our way out. Also in my dream, i was looking at myself in the mirror and i was all pretty and stuff. And i also saw myself with really long hair, and it was really light blonde on top with pretty dark red under.. it was like down to my lower back.. im gonna grow it out.

oh yay, i saw lindsey mccullough yesterday. She has my haircut now and everything.. god i wish she would go away for ever and never come back. Lauren just imed me from school... bad bad lauren.

oh! i know what ill do! ill go give myself a makeover or something.

im out.. later dudes.

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Wednesday, October 22nd, 2003

Time:9:42 pm.
i feel like a pathetic loser and ive had a bad day...
i dont feel like posting now, or for a while..
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Tuesday, October 21st, 2003

Time:3:52 pm.
Mood: chipper.
today was good..

i was walking down the hall with lauren on the way back from lunch and taylor passed us and he goes "so you died your hair purple" and i turn around and scream "yeah i died my hair purple!!" and he gave me a weird look. Amazing, huh? wow, well atleast he noticed me and the change in my hair. =) We followed him cause lauren nor anyone else has ever seen him, and she got to see the back of him! yay! lmfao

ANYWAYS!! im so pathetic!!

wow, that was the highlight of my day..

breannes here shes on the other computer.
I guess we are okay now, yay.


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Subject:.: in webmastering :.
Time:8:49 am.
Mood: crazy.
yooooo whats up.

im in webmastering! oh joy. I just finished some websites on herbs and such. Im really bored, and i dont want to go to science today. my head hurts... and my hair is really tight. i have nothing to say but im so bored, so i wanted to post an entry. Im going to talk to my wrestling coach today and see if he can get me into psychology next semester since i want to be a psychiatrist, or mental health diagnosis.. yeah... me helping other people.. hahahah...


i want to eat some food right now.. i wish i could skip my next two classes and go straight to lunch.. i really wish i didnt have to wrestle today, i feel like crap. I wish i could have stayed home.

I have some ideas for the band logo and such. Sara im'ed me and said each member of the band should get a journal especially for band stuff. I think that would be cool.. or maybe we could get a community journal and all post on one journal, under our different names or something.. i dont know. But i think our logo should look something like this


except like maybe switched, and a little more detailed, and a circle around the star. Ill make a sketch and scan it in or whatever. But they sell necklaces at six flags that look like that, and maybe each member could get one or something. Yeahhh...

anyone want to go to fright fest with me this weekend or something? I want to wear my catsuit, but i dont know how comfortable i would be and it makes alotta noise when i walk. =/ Any suggestions?

Well i gotta go, bells gonna ring.


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Monday, October 20th, 2003

Subject:i stole it from caseys journal
Time:6:12 pm.
fill it out and post as comment

01: what is your first memory of me:
02: how long have we been friends:
03: tell about one memory we share together:
04: describe me in four adjectives:
05: if we could spend a day together what would we do:
06: name one thing you really don't like about me:
07: name one thing you really do like about me:
08: if you could give me a gift what would it be:
09: have we ever gotten in a fight & about what:
10: have we ever hugged:
11: have we ever danced with each other:
12: have you ever seen me cry:
13: have i ever offended you:
14: what is something embarrassing that i've done:
15: what do i usually look like when you see me:
16: what do i say all the time\whats my catch phrase:
17: do you think we will be friends in 5 years:
18: do you think i am bitchy:
19: has there been anything you wanted to tell me, but didn't:
20: what advice would you give me, in general:
21: wanna make out:
22: suggest a band / cd for me to listen to:
23: is there a song that reminds you of me:
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Subject:tee hee
Time:5:55 pm.
Mood: hopeful.
I'm Back..

Everyone like my new layout? Well, you should, cause fear and loathing is the best fucking movie ever. =)

You wonder why i havent updated in a while? My intro-net has not been working, something wrong with the network, so yeah... thats why.

I went with my mom today to get my eyebrows waxed. Then i went to home depot to get paint samples for my room. I'm redoing it... 2 deep red walls, 2 creme walls, red comforter, leopard print pillows, leopard print curtains, leaopard print seat cushion for my chair, leopard print rug, sliver lamp with black feather lamp cover, and finally a place to put my billions of marilyn monroe parafanalia and portraits and such. SO, its going to be leopard/red/marilyn monroe/bettie page/etc. Im excited. The only thing we need to buy is a lamp, paint, and leopard print fabric, and my mom said we can work on it within the next month. Its going to be awesome. =p

anyways... i talked to my coach today about getting wrestling single blocked again, cause having it double is just too much. He said i could get it put in on A-days, which is AWESOME because i get to get back into my 7th period world geo. class with taylor!! Yay!! Next semester, baby! =p......... *droooool*

anyways! i feel sick and i had a nosebleed today. I havent had one of those in a longggggg time, i think im sick. I sat out in wrestling today cause i felt like shit and a half.. so yeah.. and i didnt go to afterschool practice. Ohwell.

i think im going to go put on makeup and take pictures or lay down and read or something. Later.

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Wednesday, October 15th, 2003

Subject:i am sad
Time:6:03 pm.
Mood: depressed.
I Am Sad
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Subject:new pictures
Time:8:53 am.

yay.. im in webmastering.. we got new computers and they are cool..=) they are black and silver and pretty! Yay..

gonna go.. later.

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Monday, October 13th, 2003

Time:10:53 pm.
tee hee.. this weekend has been interesting..

il start off with thursday..
i come home, get online, clean my room, and then go over to lynsi's. I get to lynsis, we eat and hang out for a while, then we go over to shanes house and meet up with cliff.. when we get to shanes, we hang out, and then decide to wrestle. It was fun.. lol.. but i hurt my already hurt knee.. and that wasnt too cool. After that, we went home, and started a collage, got tired, then went to bed. Friday morning, we cooked breakfast and cliff came over, and we ate and then watched resident evil. I love that movie.. After that he left, and we got ready, and we all went to the mall and were going to see school of rock, but it was too crowded, so we went to see this other movie, intolerable cruelty, but eh... we just decided to refund the tickets and get some food. I dont think cliff was too interested in seeing a movie anyways, he just wanted some booty, and that pissed me and lyns off. So we come home to my house and watch identity and interview with a vampire.. it was good. We wake up to my brother telling us my sister was coming at 3 o clock in the morning, so we wait for her, and she comes, and i get to see ty ty and sydney. =) We wake up the next morning, Saturday, and we watch Queen of the Damned, Ferngully and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.. We waited around cause we wanted to do something with candice and lisa and my mom, but they COMPLETELY blow us off and go to bingo leaving me and lynsi stranded at the house with nothing to do. I have such a considerate family.. Anyways... I woke up sunday morning, and lynsi was gone.. so i sat on the couch pretty much all day and did nothing. Oh, i ran to the mall and got my vampire fangs for my costume.. they are soooo cool... i wore them the rest of the day.. great fun. And today.. lets see... i got up, cleaned, made a new layout for my weedweb and livejournal, talked to lauren, cleaned my rooms, did laundry, and went to see school of rock. Thats an awesome movie... so funny. I love jack black. Anyways... im tired so im out.

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Sunday, October 12th, 2003

Time:11:34 pm.
PicturesCollapse )
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Thursday, October 9th, 2003

Time:8:51 am.

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Subject:-+ in webmastering +-
Time:7:59 am.
Mood: chipper.
right now im in webmastering, yay!
I didnt get to update yesterday, because i came home, read parts of interview with the vampire and then slept until 3 oclock in the morning. I was so tired, and i dont know why, it was really weird... so i had alot of sleep last night..

nothing really happened yesterday anyways.. i woke up, went to school, went to dhall, then went home. Thats it. Wow.

Right now we just had to finish a boring project for webmastering where we had to delete the background of an image, and put the picture on a different background.. Really easy stuff. I dont know what i am going to this weekend, everyone's doin stuff, but i really have no idea what im going to do. I know im gonna try to have a band practice tomorrow if cailee and lauren can come, but i dont think lauren can come cause shes going to Louisiana, and i think Cailee is grounded... if thats the case then that really sucks!! I hope cailee isnt grounded, atleast me, her, and sara can practice. I wish lauren didnt have to go out of town, then me and her and sara could practice over the 4 day weekend, owell..

I went to get a link from Mr. Otoole's 7th period world geo. class.. (the one i used to be in) to get a link, and i got all sad! I miss my 7th period world geo. class! It was fun, lots of cool people and stuff. but i joined wrestling, so i guess thats what i get..

speaking of wrestling, we are supposed to have another "house of pain" today, it sucks... im kinda sore from yesterday, what with running and mile and a half (six times around the football field) without stopping. Now i get to run more, and push ups and shit. Eventually i guess ill get used to it, but running up and down stairs nonstop for 10 minutes kind of gets tiring. x_x

today i have english! yay... greek mythology. =)
english is so easy..

man i am boring. x_x

im going to go... make a picture on fireworks.. ill post it when im done.

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Tuesday, October 7th, 2003

Subject:Im in english!
Time:1:29 pm.
Hey everyone, im in english doing a power point presentation for greek gids and goddesses. How fun. =) everyone in the class has to have a different god or goddess, i want aphrodite or athena. =) I used to be obsessed with greek mythology, i have this huge book on greek mythology, with all these pretty pictures and stuff. Im a history freak. =/

I want to do something today after school, i dont want to ride home with breanne. I dont think i can anyways, because i have dhall. Breanne decided to not sit with us at lunch, and sit alone with JORGE. God thats so stupid... they said hi to me, but i tols them to fuck off. They annoy me. >=(

Anyone want to do something with me this weekend?
Call me or post a comment or something.

<3 <3 <3

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Time:7:23 am.
Mood: bored.
I'm at school in webmastering and i thought i would post an entry! yay!

The bell just rang and my buddies stef and sam arent in here yet.=/

This morning i got up at 6:50 and had to rush to get ready. I had ramen for breakfast... oh how healthy.. but it was really good. I always have to have something salty in the morning..

I made some pictures on this computer in this program fireworks, ill post them on here in a little bit.. they are really cool and stuff.

Lauren has an orchestra concert today after school and i wanna go see her play.

I have the most boring classes today, Web mastering, chemistry, wrestling and english.... beh.

Here's the pictures.

Arent they cool? hehe, i look so hot. O_O;;

alright, comment away folks. =)

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Monday, October 6th, 2003

Time:10:29 pm.
Mood: anxious.
wowie, i just got back from my grandma's house, i was seeing my other grandparents from south carolina...
they went to scotland for like a month and brought all these pictures and stuff back... its so fucking pretty! ive always wanted to live somewhere historic with lots of castles and forests and big green hills. They say its not expensive there, so when i become a world-renound elote Psychiatrist, and making assloads of money, im gonna buy land and scotland. I found out half of my family is in a scottish clan which rocks. But we arent scottish, so its kind of odd. Anyways...

a few people got offended by the "friends" list i made a few entries ago, so i edited that one and i dont think im going to do that anymore. I dont see why they had a problem, they really didnt know what the list was about, and anyways its my journal, and if i wanna bitch i can. If you dont like it, dont read my journal.

This friday my dad is hooking us up with some huge gray amp/pa system thingies for band practice. What sucks is that i thought they were my dads, but it turns out they belong for the company he works for. We will still get to use them as much as we need to, but it sucks knowing that they arent really ours. =/

i missed dhall today which probly means i have a day added. god damnit...

i saw underworld with ashley and laur last weekend, and i decided im going to be selene for halloween. if you dont know who that is, take a look at her..

wow, shes so hot.

im going to go shower, blow dry my hair, and such.

xoxoxox hugs and kisses and all that yummy stuff.

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Time:3:36 pm.
Mood: hungry.
wow, i have been bitching about people alot lately... owell, thats what journals are for?

how is everyone? im alright, exhausted from wrestling. Today we had "house of pain" which is basically INTENSE conditioning. It was exhausting, but atleast im getting muscles!

nothing really interesting happened today... i talked to cailee and she said she might be able to practice friday which is a very good thing.. =) i also talked to john, and he told me all the awesome shit he has that can make our band sound better! hooray! im so excited!

omg kix cereal is the fucking SHIT... ive eaten like 3 bowls. i also like the kix berries with the berries in it... they are good too ..

o man i want some chili cheese dip and fritos....

oh my god... im hungry

*runs to refridgerator*

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Sunday, October 5th, 2003

Subject:i hate people
Time:10:29 pm.
people fucking sicken me...

chris IM's me telling me its MY fault lynsi hates him now...
who the FUCK does he think he is telling me all of this is MY problem, and i "created" it.... fucking asshole

not to mention this whole fucking jorge and breanne thing is making me about to PUKE. she is so obsessed with him and he is so obsessed with her its so fucking sickening... see if i fucking talk to them at school...

shit i have to give bre a ride to school... damnit. x_x
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